Shanlinchi Longfeng Gorge High Mountain Oolong Tea

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Shanlinchi Longfeng Gorge High Mountain Oolong Tea
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    Key Features

    The tea is hand collected from Shanlinchi Longfeng gorge located in 1700M altitude. Thick and soft tea leaves have rich contents, and shinny with lucidness tea soup in fragrant smelling tastes fresh and comfortable. A cup of tea with several sips either hot or cold will make the sense of fragrance linger over one’s throat with sweetness. Four series of tea:

    • Fragrant oolong tea: 15% fermentation, honey green tea soup with elegant fragrance, soft and delicate which smooth one’s throat.
    • Baked oolong tea: baked with longan charcoal, dark brown tea soup with vigorous taste, especially for skillful tea made by elder tea master worth one’s tasty.
    • Skillful black tea with small leave species: stripe and tight outlook, red and shining tea soup, specific honey and floral scent floating in the air with strong sweetness tasty.
    • Honey fragrant oolong tea: made of tea buds sucked by Jacobiasca formosana (one kind of small leafhopper), has specific ripe fruit and honey aroma. The tea is low yield but precious.