Salvia Miltiorrhiza Mouth Dissolving Pastilles

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Salvia Miltiorrhiza Mouth Dissolving Pastilles
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    Scientifically Proven Formula

    Key Features

    The scientifically proven proprietary formula uses Taiwan’s quality salvia miltiorrhiza as the main ingredients. Under the regulation of GMP, the mouth dissolving pastilles can be absorbed into blood through oral mucosa easily.

    The easy-to-take product is also with fast effect, high bioavailability and small gastrointestinal irritation.

    Being both medicine and food, salvia miltiorrhiza and eluthero are listed as top grade in Shennong’s Herbal. They are nutritious and healthy.

    Packaging standards: 600mg/pastille, 120 pastille/bottle

    Storage methods: Seal preservation in normal temperature dry place.