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    Sugar + Acidity: Perfect ‎Proportion!‎


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    Key Features

    Pineapples are low in calorie but rich in fructose and are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins, manganese and other minerals.

    Due to sunny weather, large difference between day and night temperatures, and good drainage, Taiwan's hills help us to produce the finest of pineapples that have a perfect proportion in sugar and acidity.

    The cores and crowns of Taiwan's pineapples are small, which translate into about 70% of the fruit is edible. All of these unique traits are very pleasing to the taste bud, and render Taiwan’s pineapples stand out well against pineapples produced in other tropical countries.

    To ensure the quality and safety of pineapples for export, the government has established state-of-theart good agricultural practices, a program to reduce the use of pesticides, and rigorous pesticide residue detections after harvest to comply with the international sanitary and safety standards.

    Cultivar variety:

    • ‘Golden Diamond’, also known as ‘Tainung No. 17’: is the most popular variety in Taiwan. This variety has a thin rind and a tender, golden-yellow flesh that is juicy, lightly fragrant, and sweet, with a sugar content of over 14%. ‘Golden Diamond’ keeps well its quality and freshness during shipping.
    • ‘Milky Pineapple’, also known as ‘Tainung No. 20’: The other popular variety, the fruit is round with thin rind. Its flesh is milky white, sweet, fragrant, low in acidity, less fibrous, and tasty.