Pear, Oriental Pear, ‎Asian Pear, Sand Pear, Taiwan Oriental Pear, Taiwan Mountain Oriental Pear

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    Juicy, Delicate, Sweet, and Crisp!!

    Key Features

    In Taiwan, the main cultivated pear is sand pear (P. serotina Rehd., ), is cultivated to the Oriental Pear (also known as the Asian pear).

    Unlike the pears widely cultivated in US and Europe need to be passed the afterripening and than eat the soft pears; Taiwanese oriental pears harvesting is ready to eat, fresh, crisp, juicy, and sweet!

    Main Variety:

    Taiwan Oriental Pear:

    Qiu-shui, Xing-shui, Feng-shui (Hosui), New Century, Hsin-hsing(Shinko)

    Taiwan Mountain Oriental Pear:
    New Century, Mi-li (Honey Pear), Hsin-hsing (Shinko), Xue-li

    Hosui, one of reddish pear group. The color of its skin is light brownish-yellow tint, and its inner flesh is white.
    Taste: Juicy and sweet with high sugar content (11 degrees or so). Soft-fleshed.

    White flesh, juicy and delicate meat, thin kernel, sweet and crisp.