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Mango, Mango Fruit, Apple Mango, Irwin, Aiwen, Golden Mango, JinHwang, JinHuang, Jin-Hwang, Chiin Hwang, Keitt

  • Model No.:Irwin(Aiwen)&JinHwang/JinHuang
  • Made In:Taiwan
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The best tropical fruit! You'll miss


  • Color:Green,Red,Yellow
  • Style:Fresh,Frozen
  • Style:Fresh/Frozen
  • Color:Depends on varieties

Key Features

‘Irwin’ and ‘JinHwang’ are the two major varieties that are widely cultivated in Taiwan for exportation.

Irwin has apple-red skin, and its fragrant and velvety flesh yellow with little fibers.

‘JinHwang’ has large fruits with a thin core. Its skin is golden and smooth with a touch of light pink, and its flesh silky with almost no fibers.

The harvesting seasons for ‘Irwin’ and ‘JinHwang’ are from May to August and from May to September, respectively.

Main Export Market