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Lemon, Eureka, Eurera lemon, ‎Citrus Fruit, Citrus limon Burm.‎

  • Model No.:Lemon
  • Made In:Taiwan
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Alkaline food helps health and ‎beautifying!‎

Key Features

Lemon fruit contains sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2, C and other nutrients, in addition, there are rich in organic acids, flavonoids, volatile oil and so on. Very good for health and beauty care.


Taiwan lemon

The main cultivating varieties: Eureka and seedless lemon (Lyme).

Taiwan's lemon rarely yellows on the trees, also rarely ripening after harvest; and most more we harvest green fruits for selling and consumption.

It is green skin lemon, and different from the yellow lemon and Lyme. 


In addition to the different skin color, Taiwan's green skin lemon is sourer and richer in skin oil, the aroma is more obvious. And if the skin more thick, there will be astringent.

By comparison, the yellow lemon has less skin oil, and tastes less sour and astringent. 


Moreover, our green skin lemon is juicier than other yellow lemon, and its fruit aroma is more abundant than other yellow lemon. 


The average sweetness of Taiwan green skin lemon is around 7 ° Brix, and its PH value is 2 ~ 3; high sweetness with a little bit sour, the quality is very good.

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