High Quality Dried Litchi Meat, Peeled and Seeded-Nuomici Litchi (糯米糍荔枝肉)

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Key Features

High Quality Dried Litchi Meat, Peeled and Seeded

Dried litchi meat, peeled and seeded, High quality

The dried litchi meat is peeled and seeded.
The high quality large litchi fruits with best maturity are selected to make the special grade safety and healthy litchi meat with the sweetness above 20 by contract production via ISO9001 certified process in the durst-free room.

No artificial additives and preservatives are added so as to retain the original taste and absolute flavor.
Its good flavor with superior taste, and containing higher sweet, which is also very suitable for baking.

Variety Categories:

  • Dried Nuomici litchi meat
  • Dried Black leafage litchi meat

In addition to the merits of small core and more flesh, compared with other varieties, the good flavor Nuomici litchi has more delicate film between the core and flesh, containing higher sweet.

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【Package】:6kg/bag, 3 bag/carton (18kg/carton)

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