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    Super fruit, low in calories & fats


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    Key Features

    Guava, a powerhouse of nutrients:
    If the traditional adage says that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" in Europe and Americas, the phrase is probably changed to "A few guavas in the season keeps the doctor away for the whole year" in the places where guavas typically grow.

    Its nutritional content is superb, contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, C, minerals, antioxidant poly-phenolic, flavonoid compounds, etc., and also could increase appetite. It extremely rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, but low in calories and fats; the big amount of vitamin C is the highest among all fruits as an excellent source of Vitamin C. If you need to know more the health benefits of guava fruit, you can easy find lots on the Internet. 

    Guava is hardy with light green skin and crispy taste. When it turns ripened, its skin looks yellowish with flavorful smell and the softer produce retains higher sweetness.

    Taiwan is the premier guavas grower in the world not only for the excellent quality but also for able to produce this savory fruit a whole year. Originally blessed with a large variety of indigenous guavas, Taiwan also has imported and cultivated foreign guava varieties around from 1915; to pass through a string of advancements and studies in Taiwan guava production has led to the cultivation of excellent and hardy guavas year round throughout the island.

    Taiwan guavas come in white, red, and yellow flesh varieties, and in main production of the greatest variety, largest size, and largest volume of guavas belongs to the white flesh varieties.

    Each kind of Taiwan guavas has its characteristic; referred to as the full moon, the pear guava is remarkable for its thick, crispy flesh and flavorful aroma; the white guava is known for its clear, shiny peel and refreshing taste; the Thai guava for its low sugar levels and crisp texture; the thick, crispy Crystal guava; and in recent years, the pearl guava, Taiwan breeding variety, for its sweet, aromatic flavor and supple texture. All varieties of guavas produced in Taiwan are incredibly well received in the marketplace by consumers.

    The Pearl guava is the most exporting variety, its shape is round, oval, or pear-shaped. Except the while flesh varieties, we also export red flesh variety in recently years; the rainbow guava is main variety, its shape is similar to the pearl guava with green skin, and crispy taste, but the inside red flesh.    

    For a delectably juicy, sweet, and tender guava that practically melts in your mouth, Taiwan's guavas have no comparison, overwhelmingly meeting consumer preferences in a competitive international fruit marketplace.

    After washing, cut the guava in half. The seeds and flesh can be eaten together, or the seeds can be cut out. Guavas are great alone, in fruit salads, or as a delicious fruit smoothie.
    PS. Whatever you do, don't peel them, as the outer skin contains the most flavor and nutrients.

    Production Season
    Guavas are cultivated all year round

    Packaging standards: N.W.10kg/carton