Grapes, Grapes Fruit, Jufong, Kyoho, Honey Red

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    Large, Juicy, Sweet and fragrant!!


    • Style:Fresh
    • Type:Seeded Grape

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    Grapes, Grapes Fruit, Jufong, Kyoho, Honey Red

    Grapes contain high concentrations of glucose, fructose, lemon acid, malic acid, etc.

    There are many varieties of grapes in Taiwan. Taiwan breed consists mostly of hybrids. Breeds such as Jufong (Kyoho), Honey red, and Italian are commonly found in Taiwan.

    Out of all breeds, Jufong grape has the largest production and is most unique in flavor compared to other grapes. Recently, Taiwan has developed Honey Red Grape that is full in body, scent, and is delicious in taste and is regarded as a high level fruit.

    Production Season: June-August, September-October, December-February.

    Cultivation Regions: Changhua, Taichung, Nantou, and Miaoli counties.