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    ‎‎100% Natural, Fine, Fragrant & ‎Peppery ‎


    • Type:Old Ginger

    Key Features

    100% natural aged ginger powder ground from Taiwan island native ginger (bamboo joint ginger).

    No additives.

    Contains Zingeron and Shogaol elements, it has high peppery and acrid flavor.


    Grinding fine ginger powder, not only easy to do all kinds of cooking food or seasoning, can also be directly brewed or added to other ingredients to make drinks, or when the external use is also very convenient.
    In addition to facilitate the use of various types of applications, but also easy to save.


    Usage as a reference for cooking or seasoning:
    Can replace the complex cut ginger pieces, to reduce the time required for preparation, so that cooking is more simple, convenient, fast and sanitary.

    Usually according to personal taste to add ginger powder into the cooking as finishing cooking before moving it out from the kitchen range,  and then you have the ginger flavor food.

    Ingredients:  ginger


    Unit Spec.: 20kg/ctn

    Shelf Life: 12 months

    Storage: Store in cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. 

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