Carambola, Star fruit, Starfruit

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    An appealing tangy acidic flavor !!


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    Carambola, Star fruit, Starfruit
    The carambola is an oval, yellow fruit with lengthwise ridges. It's also known as the star fruit, named for the charming five point star revealed when the fruit is cut crosswise.

    The flesh is yellow, translucent; and its taste is sweet, sour or sourish, depending on the variety and stage of ripeness. While sweet, star fruit can be eaten like any fruit,sour ones require additional processing and usually become ingredients in other types of food.

    Crunchy, with an appealing tangy acidic flavor, the starfruit tastes like a citrus fruit with traces of pineapple, for this reason it has become a very popular fruit, and a welcome addition to any salad or juice.

    Carambolais rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, iron, fiber, ethanedioic acid, malic acid,and fructose. Besides, its sugar content is the highest in the fruit,including sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

    Accourding to the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia recorded that it's also good for the human body which has help digestion,nourish, health care and etc.